Praise for Finding Aster

“Dina writes with candor of her hopes, fears and frustrations as she seeks adoptive motherhood. She describes her path in a way that is informative, even at times cautionary, to anyone who might be considering international adoption and adoption from Ethiopia specifically. On her way to motherhood, Dina learns firsthand of the realities of Ethiopia where an entire generation of parents has been decimated by AIDS, leaving thousands of children orphaned. Dina does find Aster, but the search has been transformative and Dina not only adopts a child, she embraces a cause. Her book is not just a story about adoption; it is a call to adoption.”
–Kathryn Pope Olsen, Founding Executive Director, AHOPE for Children

“This is a story about a family’s journey toward parenthood that is at
once unique and universal. We’ve all heard of biological imperative; well,
McQueen successfully presents the spiritual imperative that motivated
her and her husband to search for their daughter, Aster. McQueen is a
wonderful storyteller who pulls no punches in her detailing of the international
adoption industry. Nor, does she hide her own flaws. She shares her pain as well as her wisdom.”
–Holly MacArthur, Deputy Publisher, Tin House Magazine.

Finding Aster is Dina McQueen’s unvarnished and moving account of the events that led up to the adoption of her Ethiopian daughter. The author details her personal struggles as a young woman searching for love and acceptance, and how her life’s journey let her to a guest house in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia–and her first meeting with the orphaned Aster. Having grown up in a family with six adopted children, I am well aware of the joys and trials adoption can bring–the reams of paperwork, the many months (even years) of waiting, the uncertainty and second-guessing. McQueen unstintingly recounts the doubts and frustrations she encountered as she maneuvered through the adoption process, as well as the elation she felt when her efforts were ultimately successful. Finding Aster should be required reading for anyone considering international adoption.”
– Chris Billing, Director Lost Sparrow

“Dina is a shining example of getting in the trenches with unconditional love
and acceptance to create families for children in the system. The research,
the outreach, the waiting and constant introspection did not deter Dina
and Brian from believing in the fulfillment of parenting through adoption.
Dina shows respect for the process, learning about her daughter and her
country, and making a commitment for a forever family in extraordinary
ways. And, Aster’s life will be fulfilling with Dina and Brian as her parents!”
–Lynn Price, Founder and President Emeritus, Camp to Belong

“Thank you so much for being so open and sharing your story of you and Aster. I’m sure I won’t be the only person who is touched by your book.”
– J. Gomez, Maryland

Finding Aster is an inspirational and important read for the many families preparing to deliver a child through Ethiopia. The pages are filed with a raw and beautiful honesty. Thank you!”
–Michele Madrid-Branch, author of The Tummy Mummy, Adoption Means Love: Triumph of the Heart, and the upcoming memoir, Difficult to Place.

“As an adoption attorney … I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone considering growing their family.”
– Shannon Bulman, adoption attorney and adoptive mother of two